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An antenna is intended for the reception of clear and crisp broadcast signals, which are actually broadcasted on UHF and VHF bands. The VHF or UHF antenna should be positioned in a straight line towards the nearest signal transmitting station. It is of utmost importance that the antenna is installed correctly by a qualified technician.

Some of the blockades like trees, residential buildings and mountains coming in the direct pathway of your aerial can result in the weakening of the signal strength further leading to reception problems.

Whether it’s digital or analogue, UHF or VHF, heavy duty or high gain antenna, we are the ones who hold years of experience. It supplies highly quality aerial masts and receivers with life time warranty. They are known to supply and install 100% reliable and Australian based products

Common Type of Antenna Installation

Outdoor Antenna Installation: These antennas are the aerials which you can either install on the roof top of your home, in an attic or on the side of your residence. There are generally two types of outdoor antennas, i.e. directional and multi-directional.

Directional Antenna should point towards the broadcasting tower so as to receive the signal. On the other hand multi-directional can very well capture the transmitted signals even when not pointed towards the transmission station.

Outdoor TV antennas endow the user one of the best television viewing experiences thereby capturing crystal clear signals, provided only when you have placed them in a right direction.

TV Antenna Reception:

When it comes to antenna installation there are many different types of antennas. This is why it is important to have a qualified and experienced antenna technician on hand to install the antenna that suits you best. For a Best Price Guarantee with No Call Out Fees, give us a call today.

Optimal and Affordable Prices:

With the sudden and rapid upsurge of analogue to digital switchovers, the demand for the up-grading of the TV antenna has increased tenfold.

There are many options of antenna types to choose from, however we have the antennas including Outdoor, UHF/VHF, High-gain, HDTV and Digital antennas at highly reasonable prices.


We are one of the leading supplier and installers of digital, as well as analog TV antennas in Melbourne . It holds the knack to provide the best possible services for the installation of Over-The-Air, high-gain, FM Radio, UHF / VHF, and Digital / Analog TV antennas.

Our company is well accredited and renowned for supplying superior quality accessories such as hook up coaxial cables, masts, towers, signal amplifiers and splitters that are known for their high performance. With the installation of digital TV‘s with the guidance of mantenna as a service provider, already has its own benefits.

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With at least 40 years of industry experience, you can completely rely upon, as we strive to deliver an optimal antenna installation solution that can give you the best possible results along with certified service and the right price.

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Antenna Installation